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TIR-EPD - European Union  (November 27, 2014 - 15:36 +01:00 GMT)

Updates in the EU customs system and possible temporary issues

Some updates will be performed in the customs system of the EU countries from 29.11.2014 to 02.12.2014, which might cause temporary problems of TIR-EPD message exchange.

Please note, that due to updates and changes made in the EU customs system, you might experience problems when submitting your EPDs to EU countries from 29.11.2014 to 02.12.2014. We remind you that as from 1 December 2014 that the data corresponding to the EORI number submitted via TIR-EPD will be taken from the EU EORI database by the customs system of the EU countries, and in case the information on the transport operator, consignor or consignee submitted via TIR-EPD does not correspond to that in the EU EORI database, your TIR-EPD will not be accepted.
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