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TIR-EPD  (February 20, 2017 - 15:59 +01:00 GMT)

Upcoming changes in the TIR-EPD application

Postponed till 1 March 2017. --- The new upcoming release of the TIR-EPD application will feature certain changes, which were required in the framework of the eTIR project and the intermodal TIR

The TIR-EPD application will have the following new features and adaptations in its new upcoming release, which will enter production on 27 February 2017: 

·                When a TIR-EPD is created, the first step will indicate the type of guarantee used and the TIR carnet Holder’s ID. Since no data entry is required at this step, the TIR-EPD user can proceed directly to the second step.

·                The TIR carnet number and its validity date will be entered on the last page of the TIR-EPD process. This change was made taking into account the feedback received from Associations and in order to offer more flexibility in the use of the TIR-EPD application.

·                On the second step of filling out the TIR-EPD, where itinerary is indicated, the means of transport between countries can be selected (road, rail, air, sea), road being selected by default. This and the following enhancement were made in order to allow for the intermodal use of TIR.

·                On the fourth step, intended for vehicles and driver’s details, it will be possible to select different vehicles and, if required, drivers for each leg of the journey. By default, the application assumes that the vehicle and driver are the same for the whole journey. If it is not the case, the tick mark should be removed from the respective box.

·                Finally, the application will automatically validate the email address(es) provided on the last step for sending notifications on TIR-EPD messages.

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