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TIR-EPD - Belarus  (April 15, 2015 - 10:43 +02:00 GMT)

EPD hotline launched in Belarus

Due to regular updates to the Belarusian customs system, some EPDs might not be transferred to a certain Customs office of entry to Belarus. In case your EPD is not displayed at a Belarusian customs office of entry, please contact the Belarus customs Hotline at + 37 517 218 9395.

Due to the installation of a new Customs system in Belarus, software updates are being regularly performed causing failure to transfer EPDs to particular customs offices of entry to Belarus. 

In case your EPD is not displayed at a customs office of entry to Belarus, please ask the technical specialists to forward your EPD again to the required customs office by contacting them at the following Hotline (available 24/7): + 37 517 218 9395

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