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IRU - International Road Transport Union

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As the backbone of strong economies and dynamic societies, road transport is your business too! Test your knowledge of bus, coach and truck transport in Europe by taking our quiz!

Trucks are the link between producers, businesses and consumers. Every item on every store shelf has, at one point of its production or distribution, been on a truck. As such, trucking plays a crucial role in your life, giving companies and individuals the freedom to locate wherever they choose.

Buses and coaches are key elements in the sustainable mobility chain, providing safe, socially inclusive and environmentally-friendly transport services to everyone, including those with disabilities, at affordable prices and with the lowest impact on the environment.

Taxis can be an alternative way to travel. They meet European travellers' expectations in terms of reliability and predictability and guarantee sustainable mobility by providing a flexible, safe, environmentally-friendly and comfortable service.

An important part of the road transport industry’s story is sustainable progress. Trucks, buses, coaches and taxis are safer, more efficient, cleaner and quieter today than ever before. They represent high technology at its best and are here to ensure the quality of life you enjoy today.

Read the "Did you know" brochures below and take the quizzes!


Brochure DYK trucks Did You Know - Taxi Brochure DYK busses

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