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Dubai, June 4, 2014 Professional management to improve road safety and transport efficiency for increased trade facilitation in United Arab Emirates and Gulf region
  IRU Academy teams up with the Automobile and Touring Club of the United Arab Emirates to highlight key roles of UN trade facilitation instruments and innovation in professional training in further connecting regional economies to major global markets through increased transport efficiency and professional management.

Lisbon, June 3, 2014 IRU promotes level crossing safety to transport professionals for International Level Crossings Awareness Day

In the framework of the 6th International Level Crossings Awareness Day (ILCAD), the IRU addressed transport professionals on the need to promote safe behaviours at and around level crossings, including through educational measures designed to raise awareness among drivers of potential dangers and ultimately save lives. The IRU highlighted that for true road transport professionals, every road accident is one too many, and welcomed the recent opportunity to work together with the International Union of Railways (UIC) to tackle the issue of level crossing safety, through the initiation of a Level Crossing Safety Checklist.

Moscow, May 28, 2014 IRU calls for reinstatement of TIR in Russia
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Speaking at an ASMAP conference on the "Russian road transport market: reality and perspectives", attended by representatives of the Russian Ministry of Transport, Eurasian Economic Commission, transport companies, ASMAP Members, and IRU Member Associations from Poland, Latvia and Kazakhstan, IRU Secretary General, Umberto de Pretto, called for the immediate and full reinstatement of the TIR System in Russia. He underlined that it is important that all stakeholders continue efforts to obtain confirmation from the Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation (FCS RF) on the reopening of all borders to TIR, particularly in view of the forthcoming sessions of the highest decision- making body of the TIR Convention (AC.2), and the IRU Presidential Executive on 12 June 2014, which will decide the next steps regarding TIR in Russia.

  • See the IRU presentation EN | RU

Geneva, May 28, 2014 IRU strengthens team to meet challenges in Russia and the CIS
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  IRU appoints Mr Dmitry Cheltsov new IRU General Delegate to lead its Permanent Representation to Eurasia in Moscow, as from 1 June 2014.

Geneva, May 27, 2014 “How to fill in a TIR Carnet” now available in Chinese and Farsi

The IRU is pleased to announce that the Chinese and Farsi versions of the IRU guidelines “How to fill in a TIR Carnet” are now available for download through the IRU website.

This popular IRU publication provides guidelines for transport operators, TIR Associations and Customs officials on how to properly fill in TIR Carnets. It also provides best practices and recommendations on specific actions that have to be taken by the actors involved in TIR operations together with useful contact information.

The new versions join the 14 other languages, including Arabic, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Croatian, English, French, German, Macedonian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish and Turkish.

Moscow, May 26, 2014 Russia's Supreme Arbitration Court once again re-confirms illegality of FCS RF’s latest TIR restrictions

The Supreme Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation rendered a decision today (case number VAS-4111/2014) recognising once again that the latest TIR restrictions introduced by the Russian Federal Customs Service (FCS RF) are illegal. The court specifically underlines that FCS RF measures are contrary to the provisions of the Customs Union and Russian national Customs legislation. This marks the third decision taken by the highest Russian judicial authority against the FCS RF, since 4 July 2013, and follows two previous decisions taken on 14 October 2013 (case number VAS-11682/2013) and 26 February 2014 (case number VAS-17458/2013PDF document).

Furthermore, this judgment comes at a very important moment as the highest decision-making body of the TIR Convention (AC.2), and the IRU Presidential Executive, prepare to meet in June to discuss the next steps concerning TIR in Russia.

Moscow, May 23, 2014 IRU and CTC RTC create Smart Move Working Group in CIS region to double use of collective passenger transport

The Coordination Transport Conference Road Transport Council (CTC RTC) gave its support today for the creation of a Smart Move Working Group in the CIS region, at a round table organised by the IRU and Eurasian Economic Commission on the “Facilitation of national and international bus and coach transport to achieve affordable and sustainable mobility”. Discussions on the development of national and international bus and coach transport, coach tourism and taxi services triggered the idea of creating the Working Group to support the global Smart Move campaign aimed at doubling the use of collective passenger transport.

The Working Group will also study and disseminate best international practices related to the harmonisation of road transport legislation and professional training to further improve road safety.

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From left to right: Former IRU General Delegate to Eurasia, Dmitry Larionov, IRU Head of Passenger Transport, Oleg Kamberski, Deputy Head of Transport Control Department, EEC, Mikhail Rotov.

Leipzig, May 23, 2014 Updated ECMT Multilateral Quota User Guide published
  The updated 2014 ECMT Multilateral Quota User Guide has been jointly released by the International Road Transport Union (IRU) and the International Transport Forum at the OECD. The guide lists all documents required on board a vehicle performing transport operations under an ECMT multilateral licence.

Brussels, May 22, 2014 IRU welcomes new EC CO2 strategy provided it guarantees fuel and efficiency savings in transport operations

The IRU welcomes the European Commission (EC) strategy to reduce CO2 emissions from heavy goods vehicles that will introduce a new harmonised and simulation-based measurement methodology for CO2 emissions from new buses, coaches and trucks. The IRU highlights, however, that this measurement tool will only be beneficial to transport operators if it leads to actual operational efficiency increases and reduced fuel consumption on the road.

Moreover, the IRU is strongly disappointed with the inclusion in the strategy of a failed 12-year modal policy shift away from road transport and stresses that all modes are needed in a sustainable EU transport system and must therefore be allowed to green. The IRU remains concerned that the EC does not recognise or support existing initiatives launched by the road transport industry to curb emissions and fuel consumption, such as the EcoEffect Project.

Read the IRU’s:

Leipzig, May 22, 2014 IRU addresses ITF summit on need for global UN trade facilitation tools to tackle today’s problems
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Addressing the International Transport Forum’s 2014 annual summit panel session on “Constructing Supply Chains of the Future: How Shifts in Global Economic Balance Affect Transport”, IRU Secretary General, Umberto de Pretto, stressed the need to implement key global UN trade facilitation instruments, such as the TIR and Harmonization Conventions, to first address today’s problems, before looking to the future. He notably highlighted that these tried and tested tools are easy to implement and provide solutions that effectively eliminate barriers to trade and economic development, such as procedural problems at borders.

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