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Geneva, November 21, 2014 Russian Government orders Customs and Ministry of Transport to re-establish TIR as soon as possible
  According to information available at the IRU, the Russian Government has issued an order on 17 November to the Federal Customs Service and the Ministry of Transport to :
  • Finalise as soon as possible the tender procedure to establish the TIR association in line with Russian law and the TIR Convention;
  • Ensure that the uninterrupted functioning of the TIR Convention on the Russian territory until the tender is completed.
The IRU trusts that, thanks to this constructive intervention by the Russian Government, the tender procedure can now be finalised without further delay, to allow the full reintroduction of TIR on the whole territory of Russia in the nearest future, in the interest of the Russian economy and international trade.

The IRU will continue to work in close public private partnership with the competent Russian authorities to implement appropriate procedures to ensure that the TIR System works even more effectively and securely in the future.

Brussels, November 19, 2014 Manufacturers and operators in joint call to EU on Weights and Dimensions proposals

ACEA and IRU today jointly called on EU decision-makers to focus on commercial vehicle fuel-efficiency when reviewing the 96/53/EC weights and dimensions proposal. The road freight transport and commercial vehicle manufacturing industries reiterated the need to permit the wider use of fuel-saving technologies, rather than relying solely on additional aerodynamic performance improvements.

Doha, November 13, 2014 IRU showcases benefits of professional training to improve road safety and increase efficiency in Qatar
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  The IRU today showcased the importance of professional training in improving road safety, transport efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions, to some 80 participants representing major stakeholders in the transport of goods and passengers in Qatar. A strong focus was placed on the causes of accidents for heavy vehicles as well as conclusions from scientific studies such as the European Truck Accident Causation Study (ETAC).

Participants highlighted the need for professional qualification in commercial road transport to ensure safe, efficient and sustainable transport of people and goods by road. The event was organised by Mowasalat in cooperation with the IRU Academy under the patronage of the Minister of Transport, H.E. Jassem Saif Al Sulaiti.

A notable high point in the seminar was the accreditation of Karwa Driving School (KDS) for the IRU Academy CPC Driver Programme in Passenger Transport. With this new accreditation, KDS is further developing its training capability after having successfully implemented training on the CPC Manager, Taxi, Safe Loading and Cargo Securing and Transport of Dangerous Goods (ADR) Programmes.

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Chengdu, November 13, 2014 IRU highlights commercial vehicle efficiency and creation of new energy label
  During the launch of the Michelin Challenge Bibendum international task force to develop guidelines for a practical roadmap for freight efficiency in the next 18 months, the IRU stressed that weight and dimension requirements influence how much commercial vehicles can carry and how efficiently they can move passengers and goods around. Considering the fuel being used versus the work being done, 40-tonne vehicles and high capacity vehicles are green performers when compared to small passenger cars, which should consume less than one litre of fuel per 100 km.

The IRU highlighted the need to redefine vehicle superstructure, as well as design a new energy label to ease the understanding of the fuel consumption and CO2 footprints generated by various commercial vehicles. The IRU underlined that the availability of consumer information on fuel economy and CO2 emissions should be improved and accompanied by fiscal incentives. It also presented the benefits of the IRU Academy ECOeffect Programme in reducing CO2 emissions and fuel consumption. International experts agreed that road, rail and sea transport complement each other, as the majority of road transport operations take place on short distances of less than 150 km where other modes cannot be used.

Geneva, November 12, 2014 IRU, Abu Dhabi Customs and ATCUAE discuss TIR implementation in UAE
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  The IRU, Abu Dhabi Customs and IRU Member, the Automobile & Touring Club of the United Arab Emirates (ATCUAE), discussed TIR implementation in the United Arab Emirates at a TIR workshop today. Participants notably agreed on priority issues to address in laying the groundwork for the smooth implementation of TIR in Abu Dhabi as soon as possible. Upcoming meetings will cover topics such as electronic pre-declarations (TIR-EPD) to Customs, real-time traceability of TIR Carnets, efficient risk management provided by the TIR System and a new intermodal concept.

Bishkek, November 12, 2014 TIR guarantee level increases in Kyrgyzstan
Further to the successful deployment of TIR-EPD and Real Time SafeTIR to manage transit risks in Kyrgyzstan, the IRU, the State Customs Service of the Kyrgyz Republic and the national TIR guaranteeing association AIRTO-KR signed a Memorandum of Understanding confirming the increase of the TIR guarantee level to EUR 60,000.00 on the country’s territory.

Moreover, all parties agreed that an additional guarantee of EUR 100,000.00, available exclusively through TIR+ for the transport of high value goods in Kyrgyzstan will provide new business opportunities for transport operators in Kyrgyzstan.

Support of and interest in the TIR System was further demonstrated by some 50 transport operators as well as representatives from Kyrgyz and Tajik Customs authorities at a seminar on TIR-EPD, which was jointly organised by AIRTO-KR and the IRU.

These positive developments are of particular importance in light of Kyrgyzstan’s growing role in the regional economy thanks to its position on the crossroads of trade routes between the Eurasian Customs Union of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, and China, and to the proactive approach of the competent authorities of the Kyrgyz Republic.
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From left to right: AIRTO-KR Chairman, Mr Turkmen Bootaev, State Customs Service of the Kyrgyz Republic Chairman, Mr Adamkul Zhunusov, IRU Head of TIR and Trade Facilitation, Mr Marek Retelski

Chengdu, November 11, 2014 IRU reports on connected mobility and road safety at Michelin Challenge Bibendum
  The IRU, as part of a task force of international experts, delivered the results of its work on Connected Mobility over the last year, including recommendations on how to leverage connectivity to save lives, at the 12th Global Summit of Michelin Challenge Bibendum. The international experts notably agreed that advanced technologies should be included into CPC driver training. The training should emphasise that advanced systems may substitute the driver in taking evasive action, but also focus on the negative aspect that drivers might become overconfident with such advanced systems.

The recommendations took into account all necessary aspects to improve road safety, including the five pillars of the Decade of Action for Road Safety - road safety management, safer roads and road transport systems, safer vehicles, safer road users and improved post-crash response.

Cologne, November 11, 2014 IRU Launches Global Network for Taxi Apps
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  IRU launches Global Taxi Service Quality Network at 6th International IRU Taxi Forum to guarantee that customers worldwide have access to safe, legal and high quality services.
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Geneva, November 7, 2014 UN Global Compact Executive Director commends IRU work on sustainable transport
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  Addressing the IRU General Assembly, Executive Director of the United Nations Global Compact, Mr Georg Kell, conveyed best regards from UN Secretary General, H.E. Ban Ki-moon, for the IRU’s outstanding work to further develop sustainable transport. Mr Kell highlighted that, even though the IRU was created in 1948, its mission today is arguably more relevant in providing global sustainable transport, which can be the difference between prosperity and poverty.

Mr Kell praised the IRU’s latest initiative to create a Global Partnership for Sustainable Transport and expressed full support for the IRU-UN Global Compact partnership and the joint work on the Global Anti-Corruption Initiative. He highlighted that disclosing progress on environmental, social and governance issues is not a barrier, but rather builds trust, unlocks productivity and establishes a long term ethical vision.

Mr Kell highlighted that the IRU’s work connects countries, cultures and people, creates understanding and trust, and contributes to peace at large.

Geneva, November 7, 2014 IRU General Assembly elects FLEAA President as new member of Presidential Executive
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  The IRU General Assembly elected Mr Jos Sales as new member of the IRU Presidential Executive replacing Mr Vladimir Florea, following a vote from the IRU Passenger Transport Council on Thursday. Mr Sales is 13-year President of FLEAA, the Luxembourg-based federation of bus and coach companies, Managing Partner of bus and coach tour operator, Sales-Lentz, and board member of the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce. He is also a happily married father of two, who speaks Luxembourgish, English, French and German.

The IRU looks forward to welcoming Mr Sales to its board and extends its great appreciation to Mr Florea, who faithfully served on the Presidential Executive since 2004.

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