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Pristina, January 22, 2015 IRU highlights South East Europe’s need for professional training to improve road safety and efficiency
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  The IRU Academy showcased the need for professional training to improve road safety, transport efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions, to over 100 representatives of major stakeholders in goods and passenger transport, at a seminar organised in partnership with College Tempulli and opened by H.E. Mr Ferid Agani, Minister of Ambient and Spatial Planning, Republic of Kosovo.
A high point in the seminar was the presentation of the South East Europe harmonised qualification of professional Drivers. “SEED” aims to improve training and technical skill levels for instructors delivering initial and periodic training to professional drivers. It focuses on South East Europe which reports a higher rate of road traffic casualties than the rest of the EU according to the World Health Organization’s “Global Status Report on Road Safety 2013”.
A strong focus was placed on the causes of accidents for heavy vehicles, as well as conclusions from scientific studies such as the European Truck Accident Causation Study. Participants highlighted the need for professional qualification in commercial road transport to ensure safe, efficient and sustainable transport of people and goods by road.

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Bangkok, January 21, 2015 IRU and UNESCAP strengthen ties
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  A high-level meeting today brought together for the first time the United Nations Under-Secretary General and Executive Secretary of the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP), Dr. Shamshad Akhtar, and IRU Secretary General, Umberto de Pretto. During the fruitful discussions, Mr de Pretto stressed the importance of strengthening the public-private partnership between the IRU and ESCAP and in implementing tried and tested UN facilitation instruments, such as the TIR Convention, to address global trade and transport challenges while also achieving both organisations’ common economic, social and environmental goals.

Dr. Akhtar expressed interest in the initiatives, while stressing the importance of trade and transport facilitation and indicated ESCAP’s capacity in informing Member States of the opportunities offered by transport facilitation conventions. TIR is currently implemented in 13 out of the 53 UNESCAP countries. However, with growing interest to move towards a paperless trade and transport environment through eTIR, and with positive signs pointing to China and Pakistan’s imminent accession to TIR, the IRU looks forward to working together to see through TIR’s full implementation throughout Asia and the Pacific region.

Brussels, January 21, 2015 German taxi app joins largest Global Taxi Network
  German app provider Taxi Deutschland becomes latest partner to join IRU Global Taxi Network, adding 50,000 taxis in Germany.

Karachi, January 19, 2015 TIR highlighted as missing link in Pakistan’s trade, transit and transport vision
  A research paper prepared by the National Institute of Management, with support from the Government of Pakistan’s National School of Public Policy, highlights that accession to the TIR Convention is the missing link in Pakistan's trade, transit and transport vision with the potential of transforming national ambitions into reality. The paper entitled “"Accession to TIR Convention: Value for Pakistan's Trade & Transit Vision" was conveyed to all relevant Pakistani Ministries in the framework of the final stage of Pakistan's accession to TIR.

Geneva, January 16, 2015 IRU promotes road safety in China through Safe Load Securing Guidelines
  IRU publishes Chinese version of International Guidelines on Safe Load Securing for Road Transport to promote safe practices in China for the transport of goods by road.

Geneva, January 15, 2015 Showcase the best! Smart Move Awards call for candidates now open
  The IRU is looking for candidates who demonstrate innovation and excellence in supporting and promoting sustainable mobility by bus and coach for the 2015 Smart Awards.

Washington DC, January 14, 2015 IRU showcases commercial vehicle freight efficiency
  A Michelin Challenge Bibendum international task force met today to develop measures to increase commercial vehicle freight efficiency and decrease the impact of carbon dioxide from the road transport sector. The IRU stressed that weight and dimension requirements influence how much commercial vehicles can carry and how efficiently they can move passengers and goods. When considering the fuel being used versus the work being done, 40-tonne vehicles and high capacity vehicles are green performers.

The IRU highlighted the need to design a new energy label to make it easy for society to understand CO2 footprints generated by various commercial vehicles and stressed the need for improved availability of consumer information on CO2 emissions. International experts agreed that road, rail and sea transport complement each other, as the majority of road transport operations take place on short distances of less than 150 km where other modes cannot be used.

Cairo, January 13, 2015 IRU highlights TIR benefits for economic integration to Senior Egyptian officials
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  The IRU and Automobile and Touring Club of Egypt (ATCE) discussed further economic integration in the region through accession to key UN multilateral facilitation instruments, notably the TIR Convention, with the Minister of Transport of Egypt, H.E. Hany Dahy. A future partnership through the EUROMED project was also outlined to establish and implement rules of access to the profession for the transport of goods and passengers, including professional training for managers and drivers according to IRU Academy standards to further improve road safety.

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Download the Advocacy Paper on “Main United Nations Road Transport Agreements”PDF document

Atlanta, January 12, 2015 IRU showcases taxi innovation and industry challenges to North American taxi leaders
  The IRU today highlighted how taxis are at the forefront of innovation in public transport, as well as challenges facing the industry, at the Taxicab, Limousine & Paratransit Association’s Executive Committee meeting in Atlanta. It insisted on the need for the taxi industry to lead the ongoing digital revolution, and for European and North American taxi industries to work together to ensure a level-playing field with “ride-sharing” for-reward transport platforms.

The IRU consequently called on North American taxi app providers to join the IRU Global Taxi Network to promote safe, legal and high quality taxi services to customers, embracing the latest smartphone technology in full respect of applicable rules and regulations.

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New York, December 19, 2014 UN adopts first ever Resolution on International Transport Corridors
  UN General Assembly adopts first ever Resolution on International Transport Corridors and their contribution to Post 2015 Agenda.

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