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Strasbourg, March 10, 2015 IRU welcomes European Parliament vote for greener, safer buses, coaches and trucks
  The IRU welcomes the European Parliament Plenary’s vote, originally foreseen for April 2015, on new weights and dimensions rules for buses, coaches and trucks. This paves the way for a faster Ministerial confirmation of the deal under the Latvian EU Presidency. The IRU encourages the European Commission to prepare the implementation rules to make greener and safer commercial vehicles a reality by the already delayed date of 2020.
Michael Nielsen, IRU General Delegate to the EU, commented, “The IRU welcomes the efficiency and speed with which the MEPs, particularly their rapporteur, Jorg Leichtfried, have finalised this dossier on weights and dimensions and that will allow transport operators to buy even greener and safer trucks by 2020.”
The decision, which is fully in line with the IRU’s Smart Move campaign to double the use of buses and coaches by 2020, will also allow higher maximum weights so that two-axle touring coaches can accommodate alternative fuel propulsion systems and improve passenger comfort.
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Geneva, March 5, 2015 GTN Advisory Committee kicks off discussions on taxi service quality and future challenges
  Leading international stakeholders discuss taxi service quality and future challenges at kick-off meeting of the Advisory Committee for the International Road Transport Union (IRU) Global Taxi Network.

Brussels, March 4, 2015 EU Transport Commissioner highlights road transport’s vital contribution to economy and society
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Photo: Alexandre Louvet
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Photo: Alexandre Louvet
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  European Union Commissioner for Transport, Violeta Bulc, highlighted the important contribution of road transport to the economy and society, to some 250 key stakeholders from the transport industry, European institutions and Member States, at the IRU Spring Cocktail. Ms Bulc underlined that road passenger and freight transport carry more people and goods than any other transport mode. She also previewed topics such as transport sector innovation, interoperability of transport technologies, and an examination of the internal transport market, all of which will be considered within a European Commission ‘road package’ expected in 2016.
Ms Bulc further highlighted the need to keep people in the focus of future transport policies and notably congratulated the IRU for its work with the Smart Move campaign and European Citizens’ Mobility Forum, which resulted in concrete recommendations to double the use of buses and coaches.
Michael Nielsen, General Delegate to the EU, said, “The IRU will continue to respond positively to the Commissioner’s request to fully engage in preparing the forthcoming road package. We look forward to a constructive working relationship and the opportunity of jointly finding solutions to the challenges we face.”

Moscow, February 27, 2015 President Putin issues instructions to ensure the uninterrupted functioning of TIR in Russia
  Further to the official extension yesterday of the agreement of the Russian TIR guaranteeing association ASMAP until 30 June 2015, the IRU welcomes the positive outcomes of a meeting held within the Russian President’s Administration, where  all relevant federal executive authorities and ASMAP representatives discussed the application of the TIR Convention across the Russian Federation’s territory.
As a result, President Putin has issued a "List of instructions aiming at ensuring the functioning of the Customs Convention on the International Transport of Goods under Cover of TIR Carnets (TIR Convention, 1975) on the territory of the Russian Federation”.
IRU Secretary General, Umberto de Pretto, said: “This is of course a very positive development, and additional proof of the increasing importance of the TIR Convention for facilitating and securing trade in Russia as well as across the entire Eurasian region and beyond. We of course welcome the very clear and decisive instructions given by the Russian President. However, considering the lack of further details at this stage, vigilance remains in order as we cannot exclude that practical problems could still occur at border-crossing points in Russia in the near future until these instructions are fully implemented.”
Read the List of Instructions in RussianPDF document (official version) | in EnglishPDF document (translated by IRU)

Geneva, February 26, 2015 Extension of the Russian TIR guarantee agreement until 30 June 2015

The Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation (FCS RF) today officially notified the Russian TIR guaranteeing association, ASMAP, of the extension of its agreement until 30 June 2015.

This decisions follows positive official statements made by the Russian authorities in the latest related UNECE meetings, clearly confirming that the Russian Federation intends to continue its role in the TIR Convention.

In the meantime, considering the lack of available details, the IRU cannot exclude that practical problems could still happen at border-crossing points in Russia in the near future.

The IRU will provide further information as soon as it is available.

New York, February 25, 2015 UN Under-Secretary General praises IRU initiatives to facilitate trade and transport in LLDCs
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  In the framework of a joint meeting to discuss the Resolution adopted by the UN General Assembly on 19 December 2014, UN Under-Secretary General, H.E. Gyan Chandra Acharya, expressed gratitude to the IRU for its work in facilitating trade and international road transport in Landlocked Developing Countries (LLDCs). He also emphasised the role of transport and transit corridors in the implementation of the recently adopted Vienna Programme of Action. H.E. Aksoltan Ataeva, Ambassador for the Permanent Mission of Turkmenistan to the UN, notably underlined the unique nature of the Resolution, which brings transport to the highest political level for the first time in UN history.
Photo (from left to right)

H.E. Gyan Chandra Acharya, UN Under-Secretary General and High Representative for the Least Developed Countries, Landlocked Developing Countries and Small Island Developing States; H.E. Aksoltan Ataeva, Ambassador, Permanent Mission of Turkmenistan to the UN; Igor Runov, IRU Under Secretary General.

Brussels, February 25, 2015 I-CVUE seeks to boost uptake of electric vehicles for European fleets
  The Incentives for Cleaner Vehicles in Urban Europe (I-CVUE) project is actively looking for European fleet owners interested in receiving a free business analysis and usage assessment for adopting Electric Vehicles (EVs). Companies will receive custom advice based on concrete needs and will be guided through the entire process, from initial planning, analysis of whole vehicle life costs, to making the switch to EVs.
Partners across the EU, including IRU Projects, have joined I-CVUE to help reduce emissions in urban environments by supporting fleets in their uptake of EVs, which would prove to be a viable alternative, notably for the European taxi sector. The project has set an initial goal to replace 1,000 conventionally-fuelled vehicles in the near future.
Taxi companies interested in receiving a free, custom analysis for introducing electric vehicles to their fleets are invited to contact Anna.Lipinska@iru.org, or on +32 2 743 25 87.
Read more on I-CVUE
Rise of EVs across Europe 

New York, February 25, 2015 Trade and transport experts discuss creation of Global Partnership for Sustainable Transport
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  Trade and transport experts discussed the concept of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Transport (GPST), an international multi-stakeholder platform representing all modes of transport, at a meeting organised by the UN Global Compact and the IRU. Participants notably agreed that the GPST should become an implementation tool for the realisation of the Sustainable Development Goals within the Post 2015 Development Agenda and recommendations to be developed by the UN Secretary General’s High-level Advisory Group on Sustainable Transport.

The meeting further identified major priority areas of the GPST’s future activities, including the sustainability of global supply chains, inter-modality, legal harmonisation, urban transport and energy efficiency.

Photo (from left to right)
Igor Runov, IRU Under Secretary General; Georg Kell, UN Global Compact Executive Director; Louise Kantrow, ICC Permanent Representative to the UN

Geneva, February 25, 2015 IRU Safe Load Securing Guidelines now available in Polish
  The IRU is pleased to announce that the Polish version of the International Guidelines on Safe Load Securing for Road Transport is now available for download through the IRU website.

This popular IRU publication provides practical information and guidance to enable key road transport stakeholders worldwide to correctly and safely load and secure goods on vehicles and thus further increase road safety.

This new version joins the six other languages, including English, Estonian, French, Mandarin, Spanish and Russian.

Download the IRU’s
Learn more on the IRU Academy’s Safe Loading and Cargo Securing Training Programme

Geneva, February 25, 2015 Safer, more secure Russian road transport networks thanks to TRANSPark
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  Road transport networks across Russia are set to become safer and more secure for international road transport operations as the Russian Ministry of Transport, Federal Road Agency, State Company Russian Highways and IRU join forces to help prevent attacks on drivers and goods by providing secure parking area locations through TRANSPark.

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