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Geneva, June 13, 2014 UN TIR bodies and IRU call again for full reinstatement of TIR in Russia

The Contracting Parties to the TIR Convention reiterated their call on the Russian Federation to fully reinstate TIR, during high level sessions of the UN TIR Bodies WP.30 and AC.2 held in Geneva this week.

In his opening address at the AC.2, Acting Executive Secretary of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), Michael Møller, invited the TIR Contracting Parties to make every effort to ensure the full and unconditional reinstatement of TIR in Russia, in accordance with the TIR Convention and in keeping with responsibility to uphold the rule of law at international level.

On this occasion, the IRU once again appealed to the Russian side to clarify the situation with the existing guarantee agreement and to fully reinstate TIR on Russian territory, stressing the potential negative consequences for Russian trade and transport operators, if no progress is reached by 00:00 GMT, 1 July 2014.

Brussels, June 13, 2014 EC Vice President ill-informed on taxis

Taxi strikes across Europe this week have highlighted frustration felt within the sector regarding cowboy taxi operators who are by-passing extensive quality and safety regulations in order to under-cut regulated taxi services. Furthermore, comments by political leaders in support of cowboy services are ill-informed.

Commenting on recent remarks made by European Commission Vice-President, Neelie Kroes, IRU General Delegate to the EU, Michael Nielsen, said, “This is not an issue of taxis resisting digital innovation, it’s simply about fairness and customer protection. I am sure Mrs Kroes would not want to see amateur radio operators freely using regulated European radio frequencies to set up unauthorised and unlicensed telecom networks as and when they felt like it. Why should professional and licensed taxis be subjected to the same dangerous free-for-all?”

In terms of digital innovation, Europe’s taxi industry is one of the most progressive and innovative in the world. In fact, Europe’s taxi providers have been using digital tools for some time to provide better, more convenient customer services with apps such as taxi.eu and ecab, which offer professional services that exceed the offerings of unregulated, cowboy operators using systems such as Uber.

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Brussels, June 12, 2014 IRU calls for an EU status for freight forwarders

Speaking at a UNECE workshop today on the “Role of freight forwarders and logistics in intermodal transport chains”, IRU Head of EU Goods Transport, Marc Billiet, outlined the IRU’s concerns regarding the large variety of national rules, general lack of access to the profession and shared liability regimes, which apply to freight forwarders in different EU Member States. “This counterproductive situation, and resulting lack of legal certainty for actors in the logistics chain including road freight transport operators, could lead to further distortions of competition between service providers”, Marc Billiet stressed.

In this respect, and with a view to holding all actors in the transport sector accountable for their actions, the IRU called for an aligned EU legal framework for freight forwarders, including EU-wide regulations on access to the profession and shared liability for transports conducted under contract for freight forwarders.

Brussels, June 6, 2014 IRU welcomes Council agreement on commercial vehicle weights and dimensions
  IRU welcomes the Council of the European Union’s agreement on a political position on commercial vehicle weights and dimensions proposals that sooner rather than later should see safer, more environmentally-friendly trucks, buses and coaches on Europe’s roads.

New York, June 5, 2014 IRU road safety and security initiatives showcased for Road Safety Treaty Day

The UN Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), in partnership with the IRU, today organised an International Treaties Seminar on Road Safety, to highlight the role of key UN agreements and conventions in road transport, as well as highlight road safety issues.

Representatives of the UN Secretariat and accredited country missions to the UN attended the seminar, where IRU Under Secretary General, Igor Runov, showcased IRU activities to promote global UN trade facilitation instruments, notably the TIR and Harmonization Conventions. These tried and tested tools allow road transport to drive trade and help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals elaborated in the Post-2015 Development Agenda.

Seminar participants were also briefed on the IRU’s latest road safety and security initiatives, including its contribution to the UN Resolution on Road Safety and Security, adopted on 10 April 2014.

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Photo: IRU
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From left to right: IRU Under Secretary General, Igor Runov; Director of the UNECE Transport Division, Eva Molnar; Chief, Treaty Section, UN Office of Legal Affairs, Santiago Villalpando

Chisinau, June 5, 2014 Moldova approves pilot Green Lanes for AEO and TIR-EPD

As a result of successful Public-Private Partnership between the IRU’s Moldovan Member Association, AITA, the IRU, and Moldovan Customs authorities, the Government of Moldova has approved a pilot project to implement Green Lanes for Authorised Economic Operators (AEO) and TIR Electronic Pre-Declarations (TIR-EPD), at all Customs points of entry and exit to Moldova. The new Green Lanes will significantly facilitate and secure trade by decreasing truck waiting times at borders, as well as reducing transport time and costs.

The first border crossing point to benefit from Green Lanes is expected to be the Leuseni Customs office between Moldova and Romania. However, it will only be operational for exit from Moldova at the initial stage.

Dubai, June 5, 2014 IRU Academy announces Best Performing ATIs of 2014

 The IRU Academy, as part of its Accredited Training Partner Recognition Programme, today announced the winners of the 2014 Best Performing Accredited Training Institute (ATI). Winning ATIs were awarded for their excellent contributions and tireless efforts in driving learning and development initiatives to build the required leadership and competencies to support a sustainable, safe and efficient road transport industry.
This year’s winners are:

  • Gold – CIPTI (Moldova)
  • Silver – CoB (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  • Bronze – BAMAP-VEDY (Belarus) and TCC-AIRCU (Ukraine)

All 55 of the IRU Academy’s ATIs were evaluated on the number of students trained, diversity and quality of training programmes delivered, organisation and participation in Train the Trainer events and other IRU Academy Seminars, and involvement in and promotion of IRU Academy projects and initiatives.

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Photo: IRU Academy
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From left to right: Instuctor, COB (Bosnia-Herzegovina), Nebojša Zdravkovic; BAMAP-VEDY (Belarus), Henadzi Dashkevich; IRU Academy AAC Chairperson, Larissa Dobrukha; Director, CIPTI (Moldova), Sergei Taran; Head, IRU Academy, Patrick Philipp; Director, TCC-AIRCU (Ukraine), Sergii Kokot.

Port of Piraeus, June 5, 2014 IRU and OFAE demonstrate TIR-EPD benefits to facilitate intermodal transport in Greece’s largest seaport
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Photo: IRU
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The IRU, together with its Greek Member Association OFAE, demonstrated an intermodal TIR Electronic Pre-Declaration (TIR-EPD) container transport today at the Port of Piraeus – Greece’s largest seaport and one of the top ten container ports in Europe. Implementation of TIR-EPD will facilitate intermodal transport by allowing Customs officers to perform advance risk assessment measures far in advance of a truck’s arrival at the port, saving both time and money.

The demonstration was attended by high-level representatives from the Ministry of Transport, Finance and Customs, Piraeus Container Terminal operators and transport operators.


Dubai, June 4, 2014 Automobile & Touring Club of the United Arab Emirates (ATCUAE) receives IRU Academy CPC Manager Programme accreditation
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Photo: IRU
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The IRU Academy is pleased to announce the accreditation of the Automobile & Touring Club of the United Arab Emirates (ATCUAE) for the IRU Academy CPC Manager Programme. This will enable ATCUAE to deliver the CPC Manager Programme to road transport professionals in the UAE, thus contributing to improved road safety and transport efficiency, which ultimately benefits the economy and society as a whole.

Moscow, June 4, 2014 IRU and EEC highlight TIR benefits for facilitated road transport

The IRU and Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) organised a workshop today on “Road Transport in Eurasia: prospects of development”, to discuss the liberalisation of road transport across the continent using best international practices. The IRU showcased the benefits of using key global UN trade facilitation instruments, such as the TIR Convention, to boost national economies in Eurasia through facilitated trade by road transport. Workshop participants notably agreed on TIR as the best tool to achieve regional integration and economic growth, and discussed ways of improving Customs legislation, the impact of international permit systems on road transport, and the benefits of using electronic TIR for intermodal transport.

The workshop was attended by representatives of Eurasian ministries, government agencies, the business and academic community, and other road transport stakeholders.

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Photo: IRU
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From left to right: IRU Deputy Head of TIR Department and Head of Legal Affairs, Ksenia Kasko; Deputy Head of Transport Control Division, Department of Transport and Infrastructure, EEC, Svetlana Elejeva; Head of Transport Control Division, Department of Transport and Infrastructure, EEC, Duman Dusenbai; IRU General Delegate to Eurasia, Dmitry Cheltsov; President, ABBAT, Makhmadali Shokirov; President, LINAVA, Algimantas Kondrusevicius.

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