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IRU - International Road Transport Union

IRU Membership

The IRU is present in over 100 countries across all five continents.

The IRU’s Active Members are the most representative road transport associations at national level.

The IRU’s Associate Members are drawn from industries that have close ties with road transport, including the manufacturers of vehicles, fuels, tyres and information systems.

IRU Members contribute know-how, experience and political weight to the organisation’s global network. With its democratic structure, the IRU is able to act globally, nationally and even locally, thanks to the commitment and support of all its Members, by implementing it motto "Working together for a better future".

The diversity yet unity of IRU Members give the sector authority, credibility and strength when addressing governments, intergovernmental bodies, other industrial sectors and civil society.

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Afghanistan ACCI ACCI Afghan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (ACCI)


Argentina FADEEAC FADEEAC Federación Argentina de Entidades Empresarias de Autotransportes de Cargas (FADEEAC)

Armenia AIRCA AIRCA Association of International Road Carriers of Armenia (AIRCA)

Austria AISÖ AISÖ Arbeitsgemeinschaft Internationaler Strassenverkehrsunternehmer Österreichs (AISÖ)

Azerbaijan ABADA ABADA Azerbaijan International Road Carriers Association (ABADA)

Belarus BAMAP BAMAP Association of International Road Carriers (BAMAP)

Belgium TRANSFRIGOROUTE TRANSFRIGOROUTE Transfrigoroute International

Belgium ACEA ACEA Association des Constructeurs Européens d'Automobiles (ACEA)

Belgium ITLB ITLB Instituut wegTransport & Logistiek België

Belgium EUROLINES EUROLINES Eurolines Organisation

Belgium GOCA GOCA Groepering van erkende ondernemingen voor autokeuring en rijbewijs v.z.w - Groupement des sociétés agréées de contrôle automobile et du permis de conduire a.s.b.l. (GOCA)

Belgium GTL GTL Groupement National des Entreprises de Voitures de Taxis et de Location avec Chauffeur (GTL)

Belgium FBAA FBAA Fédération Belge des Exploitants d'Autobus et d'Autocars et des Organisateurs de voyages (FBAA)

Belgium ICB ICB Institut pour l'autoCar et l'autoBus (ICB)

Belgium FEBETRA FEBETRA Fédération Royale Belge des Transporteurs et des Prestataires de Services Logistiques (FEBETRA)

Belgium BAAV BAAV Busworld / Car & Bus Magazine (BAAV)

Belgium UPS UPS United Parcel Services (UPS)

Bosnia-Herzegovina AIRH AIRH Association of International Road Hauliers - Foreign Trade Chamber of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Brazil NTC NTC Associaçao Nacional do Transportes de Cargas (NTC)

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Working together for a better future