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IRU - International Road Transport Union


IRU International Commissions bring together IRU Member representatives with specific expertise to draw up draft policy positions aimed at the IRU Goods or Passenger Transport Councils and General Assembly and serve in an advisory, informative and research capacity.

Icon CAD

The IRU Commission on Customs Affairs (CAD) defines and implements the IRU’s strategy on facilitation related to border crossing, within the framework of the IRU’s policy objectives. It also develops and promotes international instruments and all road transport facilitation measures related to transit and border crossing systems.

President Michaela Havelkova (Czech Republic)

Icon CAE

The IRU Commission on Economic Affairs (CAE) studies and develops relevant arguments on economic and environmental matters impacting the transport of passengers and goods by road.

President Krzysztof Matuszewski (Poland)

Icon CAD

The IRU Commission on Legal Affairs (CAJ) monitors and analyses the legal environment of the international transport pf passengers and goods by road, in order to keep the industry informed and shape the legal structure of road transport through opinions, recommendations and conclusions aimed at the relevant IRU bodies.

President Isabelle Bon Garcin (France)

Icon CSR

The Commission for Road Safety (CSR) works towards the reduction of the number of accidents involving commercial vehicles through the dissemination of best practices, scientific studies, data collection and policy recommendations.

President Rob Aarse (Netherlands)

Icon CAS

The IRU Commission on Social Affairs (CAS) studies and develops arguments with respect to all social matters of relevance to the transport of passengers and goods by road.

President Steven Salmon (United Kingdom)

Icon CSE

The IRU Commission on Services to Road Transport Operators (CSE) assists IRU Member Associations in offering their members a range of services with the aim of reinforcing relations between them and generating revenue while ensuring return on investment, innovation and the sustainable development of the industry.

President Vojtech HROMIR (Czech republic)

Icon CIT

The IRU International Commission on Technical Affairs (CIT) studies and makes recommendations to the competent IRU bodies on all technical matters related to the transport of passengers and goods by road.

President Mårten Johansson (Sweden)

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